David L Hoyt

The man who puzzles America.

David L. Hoyt is the most syndicated daily puzzle and word game creator in the world.


Giant Word Winder

GIANT Word Winder® for the Classroom offers a unique game that changes the way kids learn, educators teach, and everybody plays. GIANT Word Winder® is a fun way for everyone to engage with learning in the classroom —as well as other environments, like your local library, church, or even your home.

Word Winder

The game of winding words

WORD WINDER™ is the game of winding words. Lay down your chips to form winding lines of winding words. Outrace your opponents and block their lines. Strategy & Cunning! Offense, Defense, Temporary Alliances and Countless Game Board Combinations! From the world’s most syndicated word game creator.​

Just 2 Words

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Just 2 Words!

Every puzzle’s answer is just 2 words — a common pairing (“BROWNIE POINTS”), a famous person’s name (“ELTON JOHN”), or a fun word combination that is forehead-slapping obvious after you figure out David’s picture clues! With more than 1300 puzzles, it’s hours & hours of fun. ​