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Hi! I’m David L. Hoyt and I’m the world’s most-syndicated daily word game creator and the inventor of numerous well-known puzzles, games and brain teasers. I’m the author of Jumble, which I make with cartoonist and good pal Jeff Knurek. It’s the most syndicated daily word game in the world, seen in more than 650 newspapers each day. I’m also the inventor of USA Today Word Roundup, USA Today Up & Down Words, Jumble Crosswords, TV Jumble, Just 2 Words and more.


The Jumble, Just 2 Words & More

I’m the author of lots of word puzzles, daily games, apps and brain-teasers. You can check out a complete list of them in the Puzzles and Games section of the website. Below are a sampling of some of the most popular ones:

Just Jumble
Word Winder
Just 2 Words
Just 2 Fun
Word Roundup
Word Roundup Pardners
Word Roundup Frenzy