Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

The David L. Hoyt Education Foundation was formed to develop and promote play-based and collaborative learning. The foundation, and its team, values teamwork, fun, innovation, critical thinking, leadership, empathy, creativity, and literacy.

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A Passion for Education

Committed to education and collaboration, David and his wife Claire founded the David L. Hoyt Education Foundation in 2015 to bring unique play-based learning opportunities to students everywhere.

The Foundation’s goal is to create accessible experiences and related curricula that engage learners with fun and interactive games and puzzles. Working with individual donors, corporations and other foundations, the Foundation seeks to encourage and foster education, community, and responsible citizenship by placing Hoyt’s educational games, such as GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder and GIANT Jumble in schools and libraries.

David and his programming team at the Foundation travel throughout Chicago all year long visiting classrooms and libraries to bring play-based learning to students of all ages and their parents, educators, and librarians. On occasion you can even find David globe-trotting to places like Hong Kong, Tanzania, and Egypt to play his GIANT games with schools.

If you are interested in helping bringing GIANT games to schools around the world, please contact the David L. Hoyt Education Foundation. Or Donate today!.