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David L. Hoyt is the most-syndicated daily word game author in the world, and he’s got plenty of great games- from brain-teasing apps to daily online games, puzzle books galore to a classroom game that fills the room!

Mobile Games
Online Games

Mobile Games / Apps

Download one of these great games onto your iOS or Android device and take hours of brain-teasing fun with you where ever you go!

Word Roundup Stampede

Word Search has never been more fun! Word Search has never been more exciting! Stampede is a truly different “word search” game — simple, entertaining, compelling and addictive. Play on your own for a great mental challenge or play with friends over wi-fi!

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Just 2 Words

Can you guess them all? Every puzzle’s answer is just two words – a common pairing (“BROWNIE POINTS”), a famous person’s name (“ELTON JOHN”), or a fun word combination that is forehead-slapping apparent once you figure out David’s fun picture clues!

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Just Jumble

These are the humorous newspaper puzzles that people have loved for over 60 YEARS! New players will enjoy the app’s unique play sequence and long-time Jumble® players will love tackling every aspect of these word puzzle masterpieces.

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Word Winder

Play David’s hit game “Word Winder” either as a pass-and-play game with friends and family or explore hundreds of brain-teasing Word Winder puzzles hand-crafted by the puzzle-master himself!

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Online Games

You can make David’s games a part of your daily routine! There are more than 20 online games to choose from, with new content seven days a week.

The Jumble
M-W Crosswinder
Jumble Crosswords
Picturiffic Facts and Figures
Jumble Word Vault
Word Roundup
Word Roundup Challenge
Word Roundup Hollywood
Word Roundup Frenzy
Word Roundup Trailblazer
Word Roundup Pardners
Word Roundup Bingo
Word Roundup Bingo Express
Word Roundup Bingo Extreme
This Day in History
This Day in US History
This Day in Rock History
Word Winder Finder
USA Today Up and Down Words
USA Today Word Roundup
Find 'Em Poker
Find 'Em 21


David has a ton of great puzzle books to challenge your brain and put a smile on your face. You can get signed copies of David’s books through the David L. Hoyt Bookstore, and a portion of every sale is goes to David’s educational foundation and is used to bring educational games into the classroom!


Here are a couple of suggestions to whet your appetite- but you can check out David’s entire catalog at davidlhoytbooks.com!

The Little Book of Big Word Puzzles

The Little Book of Big Word Puzzles

Published in conjunction with Merriam-Webster, this collection of dictionary-themed puzzles is sure to delight word-lovers everywhere!

DLH Bookstore Price: $9.95

Jumble Kingdom

Jumble Kingdom

A great mix of 180 Jumble puzzles from classics to modern, including a selection of Sunday Jumbles.

DLH Bookstore Price: $9.95

Board Games and Card Games

In 1993, David sold his first game, “Crossword the Game”, to Parker Brothers and he hasn’t looked back since. For more than 20 years, David has been inventing games people love to play. Here are some of his games that are currently on the market:



The object of this Hoyt Designs game is to have the least number of points at the end of the game. Each player has a nine-card grid of face-down cards- they turn over two random cards and the game begins! During each turn, a player can choose to take a card from the deck or from the discard pile. After you choose a card, should you place your cards face up or face down? Let your sense of strategy decide! Special cards, like Swap, Peek, and Steal, help you lower your score. Line up three cards in a row of the same color, and you clear that row and “earn” zero points!

Available at Amazon.com and Toys R Us

8*28 Card Game


8•28 is a family push-your-luck card game where the object is to be the closest to 8 or 28 without going over. Each player starts out with one face-down card and has the opportunity to take more cards as the game progresses. The pot grows until no one wants any more cards and then is split between 8 and 28. This simple-sounding game leaves plenty of room for deduction, bluffing, and the thrill of drawing just the right card.

Available at Amazon.com and Toys R Us

Word Winder

Word Winder

A favorite of teachers and families alike, Word Winder is game of strategy and cunning, of offense and defense of outwitting your opponents and forming temporary alliances as you lay down and create winding lines of words.

Available at Amazon.com

Giant Word Winder

GIANT Word Winder and GIANT Math Winder

These GIANT educational games are 9′ x 9′ and played on the floor. 2-3 teams or individual players take turns highlighting words or equations on the board with brightly colored chips.

Available from the GIANT Word Winder Store